What is OSO Sanitized?

The Oso Sanitized™ process is a way of testing high touch points in any place of business.
This means any company or facility using the Oso Sanitized™ branding has agreed
to, and completed initial testing and passed or developed a new way to clean and disinfect
with continued testing of high touchpoints, all backed with accurate reports and record keeping.


What does it mean to be Oso Sanitized?

Any company displaying the Oso Sanitized logos has made the commitment to provide a verifiable clean facility. Since we’re a 3rd party testing company means that we only test and report the unbiased results.

Oso Sanitized is not an advertising company or review site where anyone can post an ad or write a review whether you’ve done business with them or not. We are hired by the company directly to perform testing on a frequent basis and to share and maintain the records for that company. Any company out of compliance or chooses to discontinue frequent testing is removed from our directory and forced to remove our branding.

We proudly require every company using the Oso Sanitized™ branding to include public areas first. This would include waiting rooms, food courts, public restrooms, customer service counters, or anywhere the general public is allowed to enter. All companies listed on our site have icons to let the public know exactly what they are testing.


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How Effective is the Oso Sanitized System?

Our testing process has a long history in hospitals and medical facilities that measures how clean a surface is. It’s measuring bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye in 10 seconds. The quick results eliminate errors and help the customer determine what’s working and what’s not.

Stop guessing and start testing. If you want to find out if your cleaning crew is doing a good job then implement the Oso Sanitized system now.

Cleaning and Disinfecting products have become very hard to get but we help companies who sign up for our program either get the right products or hire a professional janitorial company to do the work correctly.

Frequent testing to validate cleanliness has proven to increase compliance from 40% to 82% very quickly. We have lots of companies at 95% or higher and we measure these results against data from across the country.

This is the same testing process used in hospitals on a scaled-down version for high traffic or behind the scenes locations like bathrooms, offices, kitchens, prep areas, and more.

Be sure to check each companies listing to see what they are testing.

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Feel Good Knowing Your Employer is Providing a Clean, Safe Work Environment

Are you asking yourself how the “New Normal” will look at your place of business?

Do you stay awake at night thinking:

☢️ How do we operate efficiently under these new guidelines?

☢️ How do we keep our employees safe?

☢️ How do we keep our customers safe?

☢️ Does my new cleaning processes work?

☢️ Are we cleaning too little or even too much?

☢️ Will I ever have peace of mind that I am doing the right thing?

Well, we’re here to tell you that you are not alone. We’ve been struggling to answer these same questions in our business but after many stressful days and sleepless nights, we wanted to share something pretty exciting with you.

🔥 Oso Sanitized 🔥takes the guesswork out of your cleaning process with real data.

Our patented cleaning verification system has been used in hospitals for decades and is now available for public places and businesses of all sizes.

Oso Sanitized takes your cleaning process to the next level and verifies how well a surface has been cleaned and sanitized while taking out all the guesswork using real measurable data. 📈

We discovered that high touch points needed more attention to detail while other areas didn’t need as much. This saved us time and money in the long run.

We were shocked to discover:

🏆 How simple it was to reserve the service.

🏆 How quick and professional the process was.

🏆 How quickly we were able to access real-time data and modify our cleaning process.

🏆 How affordable the service was…it’s kind of a no brainer.

🏆 And most importantly the peace of mind it gives me, our dedicated employees, and our faithful customers.

If you want to get in on the ground floor, be the first in your industry to proudly be Oso Sanitized Certified. We encourage you to take advantage of our introductory offer.

We look forward to bringing a “NEW NORMAL” back to you with Oso Sanitized.

Reserve your spot now 👉 OsoChem.com 👈

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What Type of Chemicals Are Being Used?

Oso Sanitized does not validate what’s being used to clean and disinfect the facility. We’re only validating the cleanliness of the surfaces being tested.

Using Simple Green Professional to clean and disinfect your facility is a good solution for fast results and low cost of use. Simple Green offers commercial cleaning & disinfecting products with proven success in the commercial industry.

Environmentally friendly and made in California makes this a great choice.

Rest assured that before Oso Sanitized endorses any disinfectant product we review the formula with chemical engineers and test the product in real-world environments. We prefer non-toxic chemicals but willfully disclose any product information we endorse.